Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Annie tried out for reality TV. Read it in my blog: http://ping.fm/oHGFe

Auditioning for MasterChef

A couple of weeks ago, one of my former classmates forwarded me information about auditions being held in Boston for a new cooking show/competition for amateur cooks. A few days later, Boston Casting sent me an email about the same auditions. I was intrigued.

The show is called MasterChef and it is produced on Fox by Gordon Ramsey. The show has been very popular in the UK and Australia and Ramsey thought American audiences would like it too.

"Well," I thought, "Why not!" So I downloaded the rules (can't have worked in a professional kitchen, must be available for 10 weeks) and the 15 page registration form and got to work.

First I had to figure out what I was going to cook for the audition. It could be an entry, appetizer or dessert. It should be plated nicely for one person. And keep in mind...it was going to have to be tasty served at room temperature. Decision made...I made a dessert. Of course it was gluten-free. And not surprisingly, it was my gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

The auditions were in Newton from 1-5. I got there at noon. I was 20th in line. I met some wonderful people standing in that line for 2 hours. They were people like me who love food and cooking and wanted to pursue their passion with both. I got in the door at 2 and got into see the judges at 2:40. I had 90 seconds to impress them. They liked the cookies. They have not gotten in touch.

I just want you to know I had a blast. I was really excited about auditioning no matter how it turned out. I got good feedback on the cookies from lots of people (I must have brought about 2 dozen. Only needed 6). I wasn't disappointed or sad or mad. And I figure if the show is a hit, I will try out again. Maybe next time I will bring focaccia.