Monday, September 28, 2009

The Gluten Free Advisor

What the heck is the Gluten Free Advisor? Have you been wondering where I have been? Well…I’m back! And I have some explaining to do.

First, I will explain the name. Another company trademarked my old name, “Enjoy Life Gluten Free”. So I had to change it. I like “advisor” better than “consultant” so that’s what I am going with for now. If I come up with a catchy new name, I will let you all know. If you have any great suggestions for a new name, let me know.

Second, where have I been? Well, I have been to Farmer’s Markets in Chelmsford and Westford selling gluten-free baked goods. And I was at the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell ( giving out samples of the gluten-free goodies. I’ve made some great connections and I am really feeling energized about the business.

I will be at the Westford Farmer’s Market Tuesday, September 29. The market runs from 2:00 until dusk and it is held at Westford Common. Come by and say hi!